Satisfied Projects

Reinforcement for the truth we are learning

Week 3 - Figure Generosity

The project for week 3 is to physically calculate the percentage of your annual income that you contributed to your home church, nonprofit organizations, and other charitable giving over this past year.
Please remember, each submission is anonymous. We have no way of knowing who submits what.
This project will help you visualize your financial generosity. And it will help us know where our church family is in regard to this important piece to discipleship.

Week 2 - Count Your Blessings

The project for week 2 is to make a list of all the blessings in your life - everything from people and material items to spiritual blessings you enjoy. This will require some intentional quiet time where you can get alone and think through God's blessings in your life. This can be done in a single sitting, or multiple times over the course of the week. Either way, when you are finished, input the total number of blessings you wrote down and tell us a little about how this project impacted your life.

Week 1 - Count Your Shirts and Shoes

As you count, include t-shirts, dress shirts/blouses, athletic shirts, undershirts, sweaters, etc. When you count your shoes, include everyday shoes but also special types of shoes like sport cleats, water shoes, boots, etc.