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Sunday Gathering

If you missed Sunday, you can catch up on the sermon here:

Thought for this Week

Jesus alone can heal body and soul; I am to trust Him with both.

Weekly Prayer Focus

This week we are praying for our County Council.
Being praying this week for Council Members: Peter Iverson, Kate Wiltz, Marty Hawk, Jennifer Crossley, Trent Deckard, Cheryl Munson, and Geoff McKim.

Kids Family Worship

Each week our kids ministry meets in the gym for lessons from the Gospel Project. Below are links to the family review you can use at home!


2023 Reading Plan!

With just one chapter each weekday, you can read through the entire New Testament with us in 2023! Click below to access the PDF reading plan.
You can also find this plan on the bible tab on our app.

Next Sunday

Read ahead for next Sunday in John 5:19-47.
If you are not able to join us on Sunday, you can find the link below or in our sermon library at

Get Involved!

Invite your friends and family to our fun fall event! Paper invites are in the physical bulletin.
We are asking everyone to pitch in for the meal, regardless of participating in cook-off.
Last names A-L can bring a side or sandwhiches, M-Z can bring a dessert.
Sign up to participate in the cook-off at

Coming Up!

Giving Dashboard

Since January 1, 2023 - $264,397.41
Budgeted Goal - $292,247.74

Week of September 24 - $7,442.75
Week of October 1 - $11,677.69
Budgeted Weekly Goal - $7,466.77
Your faithful financial support is essential for us to accomplish our collective mission.
Mail-in offerings can be sent to:
Emmanuel Church, 1503 West That Road, Bloomington, IN 47403.
In-Person offerings can be placed in the offering box in the rear of the Auditorium.
Online offerings can be given at

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