What Is Good In Life?
October 31, 2021

What Is Good In Life?

Passage: Ecclesiastes 7:1-29

What is good in life?

A good name is better than a good ointment

Ecclesiastes 7:1

The day of your death is better than the day of your birth.

Ecclesiastes 7:1

It is better to go to the house of mourning than feasting, because that is the end of every person, and the living takes it to heart.

Ecclesiastes 7:2

Sorrow is better than laughter, for when your face is sad, your heart may be happy.

Ecclesiastes 7:3-4

It is better to listen to the rebuke of a wise man than the song of fools.

Ecclesiastes 7:5-7

The end of a matter is better than its beginning.

Ecclesiastes 7:8

Patience of spirit is better than haughtiness of heart.

Ecclesiastes 7:8-10

How does wisdom help you in life?

It protects you from human pitfalls.

Ecclesiastes 7:11-12

It provides you with God’s perspective.

Ecclesiastes 7:13-14

If gives you balance.

Ecclesiastes 7:16-18

It gives you strength.

Ecclesiastes 7:19-22

It gives you discernment.

Ecclesiastes 7:23-29