Running from Redemption
August 16, 2020

Running from Redemption

Passage: Jonah 1-2

Bible Text: Jonah 1-2 | Preacher: Craig Knisley | Series: Jonah | The Problem: We’ve lost a vibrant passion fro the lost!

The Big Idea: Jonah is about God’s relentless passion for redemption. And Jonah runs away! (The 3 R’s)

***It’s not about the stinking fish!!!

Redemption: We see a redemptive God with a heart for the lost. We see a missional mandate. (Jonah 1:1-2)
Running: We see a prophet who’s forgotten his calling. We see a missional misalignment. (Jonah 1:3-17)
Remembrance: We see a disobedient man brought down to the depths. We see missional memory. (Jonah 2:1-10)

Question: How are you running from redemption today? How are you like Jonah?


Asleep in the Light by Keith Green:

Open up, open up and give yourself away.

You see the need. You hear the cries, so how can you delay?

God’s calling, and you’re the one, but like Jonah, you run.

He’s told you to speak, but you keep holding it in.