Free Indeed
July 4, 2021

Free Indeed


Freedom in the Old Testament

a. The Exodus reminds us that God is a God of Freedom. Genesis 15:13

b. The Sabbath Day reminds us that God provides Freedom. Deut 5:12,15

c. The Sabbath year reminds us that God is a forgiving God. Deut 15:1-2

d. The Year of Jubilee reminds us that God sets debtors free. Lev 25:8-10

2. Freedom in the New Testament Lk 4:16-20, John 8:31-36, Rom 3:23, Galatians 3:22, Rom 5:12

a. Jesus frees us from sin’s curse, the law’s condemnation, sin’s power, fear and eternal condemnation. Gal 3:13, Rom 8:1-2, 6:22, 8:15-17

b. Jesus frees us to be servants of righteousness, eternal children of God and pleasing to God. Rom 6:16-18, Eph 2:8-10, Gal 5:13-14