Raised For Your Justification

September 22, 2019
1. The reality of Jesus' resurrection is attested to by the empty tomb, heavenly angels, and earthly eyewitnesses. Mark 16:1-8 2. The significance of Jesus' resurrection is seen in our…

The Wonder of The Cross

September 1, 2019
The cross reveals the love of Jesus for you. The cross reveals the lordship or Jesus over His creation. The cross reveals the liberating atonement of Jesus
You honor marriage when  you understand it to be created by God for your welfare and happiness. Genesis 1:1-31; 2:18-25 You honor marriage when you do not commit fornication or…

Spiritual Indifference

July 14, 2019
1.  Your spiritual indifference is nauseating to Jesus. Revelations 3:14-16 You might be spiritually indifferent if you are more concerned with impressing people than following Jesus. You might be spiritually…