Connection Groups

Living out our personal walk with the Lord, together!

Growing in Community is a vital habit of our faith family. Connection Groups help fulfill this purpose.

Simple.  Intentional.  Growth.

Personal Bible Intake

The content we discuss at Connection Group comes from our personal time in God's Word throughout the week. As we read and study the Bible at our own pace throughout the week, we simply take a few notes surrounding the summary of the content that we read, an attribute of God we learned, and a truth we can apply to our lives. As we do this each day, we gather a better understanding of God through His Word. We encourage members to have a study bible to aid understanding. The ESV Study Bible is a great resource if you don't already have one.

Fellowship In God's Word

As we get together each week, each individual chooses the notes from one of the days of personal bible intake and shares with the group what they learned. This format helps center our conversations around God, His Word, and our response to Him. A table leader helps facilitate the discussions, prayer, and scripture memory portions of our weekly groups.

Really... That's It?

Yep, that's it! We desire to promote the simplicity of following Jesus by learning God's Word and applying it to our lives in community with our faith siblings. This easy format translates into various other opportunities as you learn to share what God is doing in your personal time with Him. You can take the same content you shared at group and share it at dinner with your family, lunch with a friend, or over coffee with a coworker. All of it, simply flowing from your daily walk with Jesus!


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