Adult Classes & Bible Studies

Eager to grow deeper in your knowledge and relationship with God? Interested in joining a Bible study? We have study opportunities for men, women, and co-ed classes available during the week. Please check our schedule below for a study that might interest you, and watch for upcoming studies!


There are currently no studies until after the holidays.


Coming Soon!

Precept for Men & Women

ConneXion Groups

Our hearts were made for community. We hunger for the deep, authentic relationships Jesus had in mind when he prayed that his followers would be one. Yet in many churches, the connection we crave is lacking.  How can the church become a place where nobody stands alone? Through our ConneXion Groups! 

Like nothing else, our ConneXion Groups provide the kind of life-giving community that builds and empowers the body of Christ and makes a difference in the world. Feel free to attend any one of our groups on the second and fourth Sundays of the month for a time of fellowship, prayer, study and service.

ConneXion Groups are part of our re-launch and will be coming soon!


As believers we are all called to be disciples of Jesus, and likewise we are all called to continue making other disciples. Emmanuel will soon be offering a discipleship track for those who want to be true disciples of Christ’s and to make more disciples as Jesus commands us in Matthew 28:19.

Discipleship will be offered to both men and women, through group studies and for those interested through one-on-one connections.

Discipleship will be coming soon!